This Lil' man Daymon has ridden over 150,000 miles across the United States

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APITHAN Ministries stands for Awakening Peace In The Human Animal Naturally and is a Corporation Sole (508c1A) dedicated to demonstrating our direct relationship with all of Nature through the Universal Truths which govern all Animals, human and non. If there are no Animals, we would not be here. What we do to the Animals, we are doing to ourselves.


Rev Ahowan ICrow OAC, HM, RScP and Daymon (Service Dog) on Jumanji (The AHOWAN 501c3’s ‘Iron Pony’) APITHAN Ministries was founded by Rev Ahowan ICrow OAC, HM, RScP during the AHOWAN 501c3 Sanctuary’s travels through USA, Canada, Yukon Territory, Costa Rica, India, Sri Lanka, and South Africa. “I witnessed a direct link between what the Human believes and what the Animals demonstrate around them. On a collective level, our world demonstrates the collective consciousness of us and what we do to our home, Mother Earth and all Her creatures.”

Lucknow Blessings

Basically, I am an “Iron Pony” Ordained Animal Chaplain, Human Minister, and Religious Science Practitioner with the Emerson Theological Institute, the carrier of the Community Animal Peace Pipe, 30 years experience rescuing, rehabilitating, and training Animals, and 8 years traveling continuously consulting, teaching and facilitating in 8 countries…

While operating my own rescue and boarding facility, I had a complete breakdown which included several suicide attempts and a serious drug addiction. The Animals literally saved me. A transformation took place and I brought my love of “Iron Ponies,” Animals, and Spirituality together.

During my transformation, I gave away everything, created AHOWAN Traveling Spiritual Sanctuary, sold the Animal Rescue/Boarding facility, got on my Harley Road King, and began the 1st 50 State Peregrination in September of 2011, and have been living ‘on the road’ ever since.

Author of “ICrow Speaks”, “I AM Animal”, “365 Animal Gratitude”, and a series of talks called “Reflections with Animals.”

Creator/Author of the MayaHara Meditation, Spiritual Boot Camp, N.O.W.E. “Nature Oneness Weekend Experience”, Medicine Wheel YogaChi, and the Animal Spirit Connection Module.

APITHAN Ministries’ is a member of the Emerson New Thought Center “Church Without Walls,The United Religions Initiative Multi-Region, the Compassion for All Living Beings Cooperation Circle

Rev Ahowan ICrow was awarded ‘SuperHero” June 2020 by Deming Silver Linings